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    Social Media for Peaceful People who aren’t Idiots (Left/Right Extremists not invited) is a brand new, independent open-user social media site for all who want to be heard as REAL PEOPLE and not be treated like bratty 5-year-olds by ridiculous mathematical algorithms. We do NOT deliberately invite or hire people to be “social media influencers” to start sh!t just for clicks or advertising sales.

    We have only two rules, which will be restricted only by you, the users. We can all help each other out by reporting any post which, by your best estimate, break these two follwing rules. Any post that has 3 independent reports will be automatically unpublished for Admin review.

    In general, it’s very hard to get 3 independent people to agree on anything all together so if a post does get 3 reports then we are confident that it did break these rules.

    1. No Porn – This shouldn’t need explanation but, basically, you could think of as a Rated “R” website, but NOT a Rated “X” one. So let’s help each other out and please report any porn you see on the site.

    2. Nothing “Thoroughly Disgusting” – This one is going to roughly depend on people’s independent viewpoints, we understand that, but generally speaking if 3 independent people report something for being “thoroughly disgusting” then it’s pretty certain to not be wanted by other people as well.

    Humble Reminders (which shouldn’t need to be said but, well, probably need to be said anyway):

    1. Parents, if your children are on this site, then you should be monitoring them. It’s not our position or responsbility to babysit your children for you and we will NOT be held responsible for what YOUR children do on this site.

    2. While you CAN speak your mind here, and have your Free Speech, you should be warned that if you seriously threaten a person, which is a crime, then you can be held liable in a court of law and we will comply with the law each and every time in any such event.

    3. Any illegal activity (per United States Law) is not allowed on period, end of story. Just don’t do it, and if you do, then, insofar as we witness it, WE will WILLINGLY and EAGERLY report you (or more specifically, your electronic device) to the authorities. We believe that Law has purpose in society and we firmly support those who defend it.

    4. Below you will see registration fields to fill out and some are mandatory, however those fields are only for your security purposes and we could care less whether they are real or not, we only need those fields filled out to help secure your profile. Therefore, if you want other people to find you on this website (real friends, etc.) then use your real information, however if you’d like to remain anonymous on this site, then you are fully welcome to enter information that is not real.

    By your registration, you agree to have read, understand, and will agree to abide by, the preceeding points.

    Okay, that should cover the basics, now enjoy your Freedom.

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